What is "Debriefing"?

Emmaus Encounter Debriefing follows Jesus' example in the gospel of Luke chapter 24: 13 - 35. We are all on a journey aren't we. Sometimes that journey proves to be hard, discouraging, intense and sometimes unfair. We had hoped, just like the travelers that things were going to happen a certain way… and they don’t. Usually we take these events and just stuff them. Filling our lives with more busyness and activities to hopefully drown out the pain from these disappointing events. The problem is, we don’t deal with them, just bury them alive. At least the two travelers had each other and were dialoging but that is not the norm is it! We have to be loyal, we have to be strong, pull up our boots and soldier on.

Jesus knew these two travelers were running away! They were leaving Jerusalem for something that was familiar, a place were they could drown out the sights and sounds of what had just transpired. Get back on their feet and get on with life. Jesus took the time to walk with these two, seven miles he traveled with them. He listened to them and asked them questions that helped them process what had happened. This is what we do in our debriefings, we ask questions, we listen, we hear your story. It’s your story and it needs to be heard.

We will give you practical tools to work with that help bring clarity and understanding about what had happened and the emotions and feelings that you had surrounding the events in your story. We desire for you to experience what the travelers experienced, they gained understanding and got a personal revelation of Jesus’s love and faithfulness to them. Jesus doesn’t leave you hanging! He understands and longs to make His presence known to you… He did it with the travelers when He gave them the bread, He will do it with you too in a unique and personal way.

The Cross and the work that Jesus did on the Cross is for us all. Yes for our sin and also for our pain. He longs to carry our sorrows. He also wants to bring clarity to your calling, your assignments and to give you peace and freedom to “return to Jerusalem”. Just like the travelers they returned with a spring in their step, unstuck, with understanding and with hope.

Does that sound like an invitation that God might be offering you? Then come on over and hang out with us for a week… we’d love to walk with you.

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