Welcome to Emmaus Encounter

You are probably here to either find out about Emmaus Encounter and Debriefing or to apply for a debrief. We hope that you will find all the information that you need to make an informed decision regarding our model of debriefing and our heart to “serve those who serve others”.

Applying for a Debrief? We have tried to streamline the process for you and make it as painless as possible! You will see a link below that will give you a private login to what we are calling a “Status Board”. Here you will be able to track your application process, payments etc at anytime. Also, you will see the calendar that will give you up to date availability for debriefing weeks. Our hope with this is to minimize the time and effort it takes to go back and forth trying to lock in a date for your debrief.

All your personal and financial information, references etc are secured on our server with state of the art security. Rest assured that your information is as safe and secure as we can possibly make it.

We have a FAQ section that we hope is helpful in answering your immediate questions regarding the debriefing process and practical day by day stuff, like, accommodations, directions etc.

Again, welcome…

Andrew and Janet Kerr


It was really nice to talk to people who had dedicated a full week just to listening to me and listening to God. Unlike group debriefs where everyone is trying to process things, this debrief could be tailored to meet my individual needs. Some...  Keep Reading Tailored to meet my needs

In nearly 15 years of ministry within the local church, I have never experienced the kind of undivided, undistracted, patient, present, loving and God-centered care and ministry that Janet and Andy provided. They received me tenderly and safely...  Keep Reading ALH - Pastor