In the midst of rescheduling

We are very pleased to let everyone know that we are able to return to receiving clients here in Montana effective June 1, 2020. We have had an interesting time rescheduling people for the summer and Fall. Now, it is back to a degree of normalcy. We encourage you to look at the calendar and see what dates are available for the later part of the year if you are still interested in doing a debrief. Please also know that we are still going to offer virtual debriefings if you feel better about not traveling yet. Read the testimonial below from our first virtual debrief!

In the midst of rescheduling we offered Virtual Debriefings as an option and low and behold we were taken up on it! We just completed a 5 day debrief with a couple in Africa. It was AMAZING. God showed up in Africa and Montana at the same time! How cool is that.

"We booked our debriefing just before anyone was hearing about the Covid-19 pandemic and we were really looking forward to it being a part of our trip home this year. So we were really disappointed when we were unable to travel home and had to cancel or postpone all of our plans. When I contacted the Kerrs to cancel, they asked if we were interested in trying the debrief online over Zoom. We decided to go ahead and we are so glad we did! Our boss encouraged us to try to take the whole week as a retreat and pretend we were in Montana (instead of Africa!) which was mostly successful. Even with 9 time zones between us, Andy and Janet sat on their couch and we sat on ours, and they did everything they could to still invite us into their space and make us feel comfortable. Overall it was a great experience and I recommend it to others. We live in an area where there aren’t a lot of resources for missionaries for retreats or counseling or personal growth, so it felt like a lifeline to find a resource that we could access from anywhere with good internet. In the midst of so many other cancellations and disappointments recently, our debriefing session has been a highlight of encouragement and renewal."

So, If you are interested in debriefing but are concerned about traveling, your health or find yourself restricted by regulations or location we want to offer the option of a Virtual Debrief with us. We are happy to discuss how the Virtual Debrief works, along with our recommendations and what the week would look like for you. We are excited to offer this alternative method as we honestly hadn’t considered it before the Covid-19 pandemic arrived.

You can still apply for a "non-virtual" debrief (see link below) however because of having to reschedule March, April and May the soonest available dates are now in December. For a Virtual Debrief you still need to apply but please also email one of us and let us know of your interest in the Virtual Debrief Option.

May you know God’s richest blessings and his peace.

Andy and Janet

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