Youth with A Mission – Lakeside MT.

Youth with A Mission (YWAM) is in our blood. For over 27 years we have been blessed by and privileged to have worked alongside some of the finest people we have ever met. That is especially true in regards to YWAM Lakeside. We can’t say enough about the leadership, vision and passionate focus of this ministry. If you are interested in exploring short term missions, excellence in training with leadership that is in touch with todays issues and interests then check out this amazing organization in one of the most beautiful parts of the world… Montana!

Le Rucher Ministries

Located in France. Le Rucher Ministries is the organization where we received our training in debriefing. We use their “Exchange At The Cross™” debriefing model as the foundation of Emmaus Encounter debriefing and have adapted it to meet our debriefee’s needs and our focus on individual personal debriefing.

We are so grateful to Le Rucher Ministries and their leadership for all the work they have put into the model and for their willingness to review/evaluate and improve the model as front line missionary needs change with the global upheaval we are experiencing. 

Le Rucher Ministries is a wonderful place for teams and individuals who are looking for a group debriefing experience. The staff are well trained and equipped to serve the long term missionaries who are serving in the most challenging parts of the world.

Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM)

Anglican Frontier Missions is committed to going where the need is greatest, to planting indigenous churches among the largest and least evangelized peoples in the world. Even though 67 generations have come and gone since Jesus’ resurrection, still over 1.5 billion people are unreached with the Gospel. This Unseen 1/4th of the world has no geographic and/or cultural access (or infinitesimally limited access) to Bibles and bishops, pastors and priests, and churches and Christians. AFM mobilizes churches and sends short-term and long-term missionaries to do pioneer, frontier missions, where the Gospel is not.

Doorways Ministries

Located in Redmond. WA. Doorways Ministries was formed in the Fall of 2010 with a desire to share the gift of Ignatian Spirituality and the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola with followers of Christ in the greater Seattle area. Doorways has also recently put a course on line called “Free our Hearts” which is a 9-month program based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. If you have ever desired to drink from a deep, fresh and refreshing well of spiritual understanding then we can’t encourage you enough to consider looking into this course and the other opportunities that Doorways Ministries offers.

All Seasons Counseling & Spirituality Center

Located in Redmond, WA. All Seasons is a center of licensed Christian counselors and certified spiritual directors, called by God to walk with individuals or families, to help them heal emotionally, grow spiritually and attain wholeness as God intended.  They provide counseling, spiritual direction, education and training to churches and the community.  They seek to establish themselves as a primary referral service for Christian churches, pastors and other ministry professionals.

Christian Formation and Direction Ministries

The Vision of CFDM Northwest is to see others grow in their knowledge and experience of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and see them become able to help others on the journey of faith. It is our hope that as they “Go Deeper with God” by learning the traditional disciplines of the Christian faith, they will learn to discern the actions and nudges of God in their lives and experience God with them on this journey.

Their Guidance training program is an alternative to seminary for mature lay Christians who want training in Spiritual Direction and the Contemplative life. It offers practical hands-on training, including courses in spiritual theology, spiritual traditions, spiritual formation, along with practicum, case studies, and supervision in giving and receiving spiritual direction.

They also hope to develop networks of spiritual directors who will be friends, guides and co-laborers with God in helping others grow into deeper love for God and formed into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. Through CFDM, individual Christians will find personal support and encouragement to help them live out the Christian life. Churches of many denominations will be called to work together, sharing faith traditions and giving witness to the world of the unifying love of God in Christ. Networks of qualified spiritual directors will develop and assist other believers to grow into the image and likeness of Jesus.