Application Form

Application Process:

  1. Fill out and submit the application below
  2. Pay non refundable $25.00 application fee via Paypal
  3. Reference form will be automatically sent to your reference
  4. Once we have received your application, fee and the reference form,  we will review your requested dates and schedule your week. Once we confirm the date of your debrief week, we ask that you send a deposit of 50% of your total fee towards your debrief. Once we have received your deposit your week will be secured.

Cancellation Policy: If you contact us  and cancel your debrief 30 days before the Monday of your scheduled week we will return 100% of your  deposit.  If you reschedule your debrief, 100% of your deposit will be used for your new week.  Otherwise your deposit will be forfeited.

* We do understand that there can be “extenuating circumstances”  that are out of your control such as bereavement, illness and family emergencies. So don’t hesitate to give us a call under these circumstances.


EE Debriefing Application

  • Each debriefee will need to fill out a separate application form.
  • Organization Information

  • Please give the name of the organization you are working with currently.
  • Location of where you are currently working.
  • Sending Church Information

  • Mission Pastor or whomever would be a good person for us to contact at your home church if necessary.
  • Personal Information

  • Yes or No. If " yes ", then please share a brief overview of why. If you do not feel comfortable sharing on this form then you can share with your debriefer when they contact you.
  • Name and Condition
  • Name and Condition
  • Yes or No. If yes please give their names and ages below
  • Reference

  • Requested Dates for Debrief

    Please give three (3) date options that could work for you. We have occasionally found ourselves booked out 3 months in advance, so, we ask that you consider this while choosing your dates.
  • Please choose one of the following