EWO – Montana August 2016


Taking it all in!

Last year on our Montana EWO we hiked into a beautiful lake in the Mission Mountain Wilderness. It was pristine, quiet and we didn’t see another soul the whole time we were there!  We spent two nights in “Hidden Valley” and found some nice trout in the nearby lake. Not huge but certainly tasty!

This year I am looking forward to returning to this special place, fresh water, clear skies and lots of places to explore. I am also planning on a few “wilderness” sessions this year that I think you will enjoy thoroughly.  We will still have plenty of time to explore, fish, have times for Silence, Solitude and Reflection as well as time to share, drink coffee and worship around the fire. (OK, that being said, we had to cancel the September Trek last year due to the fires.  We are praying for a good spring and a summer season clear of fires so that we can venture out into the wilderness.  We will be keeping a very close eye on this issue and will give you fair warning if it looks if we might have to cancel.) Any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

Hidden Valley

2016 EWO Dates:   August 11 -14

I am asking that everyone come together on Thursday Evening for Orientation, pack check and fellowship. We will make an early departure to the trailhead with the goal of being underway by 9:00 am.

The hike in will be close to 7 miles. Not easy and not hard but you will need to be prepared for a good workout! Especially with a full pack. (If you have not been hiking or trekking lately then we recommend at least two or three good 4 or 5 mile day hikes with your pack before you tackle this hike. More on that later.


Deadlines for signups

July 11th for August Trek

We need a minimum of 4 to make the trek a go. So, if you are interested in attending please signup sooner than later. 

Registration Fee: $50.00 per person.

Due before departure from trailhead. (preferably at the orientation meeting)

Transport: We will carpool to the trailhead so there will opportunities to gather for breakfast and move the gear around.

Food: Each person will be responsible for their own food, cooking equipment etc. 

Tents and Cooking equipment: It would be best if you teamed up with someone to share the load of the tent and cooking equipment. Remember that less is best and light is right!

Packing checklist: Comprehensive packing  list. ( DO NOT bring all of these items… Your pack will be too heavy. This is just a list against which you can review your gear and food )

Fishing: Please go to this website for your fishing permit information. If you fish, you need a permit 🙂 

Destination: Piper and Lower Ducharme Lakes

Trailhead: Cedar TH

Camp Location:  “Hidden Valley”

Round Trip Hike Distance: Approximately 15 miles RT (depending on which lake you fish! or what day hike you take)

Total Elevation Gain: Approximately 1,440 vf. ( Level: Moderate ) 

Prerequisites: We strongly suggest that you have spent a few hours hiking with a 35 lb pack on your back! If you have no idea what 35 lbs strapped to your back feels like after two or three hours of hiking then try it.  Get some miles under your belt before this hike… It is highly recommended. 

Max/Min Group Size: 10/4 (First come first served)

Tentative Schedule    

Thursday Evening  Aug 11, 2016

Arrive in Lakeside by Thursday evening. We will have a meet/greet/orientation at 7:00pm. Location: TBD

Friday Aug 12
We will plan on leaving the TH (trailhead) by 9:00am and hike into the camping area.
Plan on having a wee snack and lunch on the way to camping area. Our goal will be to arrive between 2:00pm and 3:00pm. We will then set up camp and have time to explore, fish etc. We will begin with our first assignment after dinner.

Saturday  Aug 13

We’ll rise for the morning bite! or not. Have coffee and breakfast introduce EWO Assignment #2 and either do a short day hike or set the time aside for personal study/application. Gathering back after Lunch we will set time aside for EWO Assignment #3 until dinner time. Assignment #4 will be given after dinner. 

Sunday Aug 14

Following a leisurely breakfast, time for sharing and reflection it will be time to pack up camp and head for home.There’s no reason to strive for any land speed records so we’ll make the hike back to the Cedar Trailhead at a comfortable pace. I would like to end with a last stop in Bigfork for a cheeseburger and shake. We should be all done no later than 5:00pm so people can then make their way home.

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