Why Debriefing?

Do you find yourself weary in your calling?

Has it become harder to get up in the morning to face the challenges of the day?

Are your relationships around you fragile, unreconciled?

Are you wondering why you are doing what you are doing?

Have you been “stuffing” things because you are just too busy to deal with them?

Do you have a future? Is it clear?

Do you feel alone?

Have you, or are you experiencing guilt, loss, injustice, disappointments, disorientation?

There are many of us who are trying to live healthy godly lives in missions, business and the pastorate who struggle with these and other issues. We are trained to “suck it up and get on with the work” yet sometimes we just can’t. God understands. He understood that the disciples were hurting, that they had lost hope and were discouraged, disorientated and grieving a great loss as they walked on the road to Emmaus.

Jesus walked towards them. He asked them questions and allowed them to answer (without interruption). He valued their story and taught them that He was still very much with them. He was actually walking with them. He was the first debriefer.

Debriefing your journey is important to your physical and spiritual health. Burying things alive (stuffing pain and loss) only promises one thing, they will come back another day. We need to give them to Jesus. He died for them so that we could be free to live the abundant and free life He had planned for each one of us.